Tecella releases the Triton X

All the features of the Triton. Now, eXtensible up to 96-channels. 4 Rf gains per channel. Variable analog bessel filter per channel. Rseries, Cfast, 2 Cslow, JP, JP fine compensations per channel. Custom requests of up to 384-channels can be supported. The Triton X replaces the Triton and Jet product lines.


Measures just 20cm x 20cm x 8.6cm (8" x 8" x 3.4")

Can be USB powered for up to 16-channels*

USB3 can power up to 16-channels without requiring a power supply.

USB2 can power up to 8-channels without requiring a power supply.

Cable connector

Uses the same Samtec ERF8-025-01-S-D-RA-L connectors as the Triton, Flex, and Apollo products.

Simple Setup

Due to the integrated digitizer and headstages, getting up and running with the Triton X is simple and fast.