Tecella releases the PocketPatch

September 16, 2019 - Tecella announces the release of its newest multi-channel patch clamp, the PocketPatch, optimized for recording from ion channels embedded in planar lipid bilayers. The Pocket Patch is a USB powered, small footprint device with an integrated digitizer and 16 built-in head stages, at an affordable price. The PocketPatch is 100% software compatible with the Triton.

USB powered

All you need is one USB cable to power up and control the PocketPatch. Unclutter your lab. Simplify your work.


Measuring just 14.6cm x 7.6cm x 2.2cm (5.7" x 3" x 0.9"), you can carry the PocketPatch anywhere

PCI Express

Standard PCIe connector allows you to interface your chip directly to the PocketPatch. SMB and UMCC cable adapter boards are also available.

PocketPatch Interface & Accessories

A standard connector interface and the cable adapter boards make it easy to interface your chips to the PocketPatch.

SMB Adapter Card

Can be used to connect 16 SMB cables to the PocketPatch.

PCI Express connector

Standard 36-pin PCIe connector makes it easy for you to design custom chip boards.

UMCC Adapter Card

Can be used to either connect 16 UMCC cables or solder on open-ended cables.